Subsidy for wind energy will raise electricity prices on everyone

December 31, 2010 05:43

In the first step in an FERC scheme to socialize transmission costs nationwide to subsidize wind and solar power the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is forcing states to pay for $20 billion in new transmission lines needed for wind power.

The Wall Street Journal points out that Michigan will receive no benefits from the wind surtax but will have to pay as much as a billion dollars in increased rates.This is part of Obama’s different way to ‘skin the cat’ to implement his energy policy without congressional approval.

From WSJ:

“In fact, this is the first step in a FERC scheme to socialize transmission costs nationwide. In June FERC drafted a rule to create a new national transmission pricing policy that would link wind and solar energy projects to the national electricity grid. (See our November 7 editorial, “The Great Transmission Heist.“)”

“Let’s be very clear on what’s happening here: Mr. Wellinghoff and FERC are trying to establish by regulatory fiat a national energy policy that Congress has refused to endorse. Last summer Congress rejected the Obama Administration’s renewable energy standard law because it would have inflated power costs. So the fiefdom at FERC is unilaterally moving ahead to require that industries and homeowners pay a surtax on their utility bills for a nonexistent renewable energy policy. This is similar to the EPA’s initiatives to regulate carbon even after Congress rejected cap and trade.”

“The wind industry has essentially conceded that without the ability to socialize the cost of multibillion dollar transmission lines, its projects can’t compete with coal, natural gas and nuclear power.

The FERC pricing scheme is politically insidious, and arguably unconstitutional, because it enables states with renewable standards to export the costs of those policies to other states without these laws. Why should a factory in Pontiac, Michigan subsidize the wind energy costs of a plant in Elgin, Illinois?”

Obama was right when he told us during the 2008 election that ‘under my plan electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket’. This is blatant tyranny by unelected bureaucrats. Raising the cost of of energy raises the cost of everything. To do so to fulfill the green smoke pipe dream of alternative energy without the consent of the people and the due process of their elected representatives is criminal.

The whole premise of man made global warming has been shown to be suspect at best and possibly criminally fraudulent. To have unelected bureaucrats force their will on the people at great expense for a disproved theory is especially disgusting.

‘Alternative’ energy has become an alternative scheme to extract money from hard working citizens to redistribute to friends and supporters of the leftist Utopian dream of a socialized America.

By Michael Whipple, Editor

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