The Modern Left (Unmasked)

December 14, 2010 05:44

The left embraces “social justice,” a concept in which the State — not the individual, guided by the Constitution or any god — is the ultimate authority to determine the best interest of its wards.

By Dmitri Rutkowski at American Thinker


The intent is to subvert the “evils” of the marketplace and create an “equal opportunity” for all citizens to be entitled to a piece — not merely a chance at a piece — of the pie.  Further, top proponents hold that the State should manufacture the condition through legislation, progressive taxation, and the redistribution of wealth.

For social justice to apply, though, there must be victims. …….. Under social justice, the State defines the victims and perpetrators of “crimes” and intervenes to punish the guilty and restore balance.

In America, however, a government modeled on social justice is ripe for abuse — not only because the concept of redistribution flouts the individual rights and liberties guaranteed us by our Creator and echoed in our founding documents, but also because a strong and willing federal government must exist for social justice to be enforceable. And further, for social justice to be truly effective, a government must rely upon guilt and fear.

Socialists, progressives, Fabians — the names are unimportant. The left’s true believers will likely scream bloody murder at comparisons between their philosophy and Socialism, even though birds of a feather have been shown to flock together in London, Pittsburgh, and Toronto. In this light, then, a conservative’s christening of the movement is surely less important than unmasking the real uniting factor behind the social justice game’s disparate groups.


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