The Waponi Wu casino expansion bill

December 9, 2010 07:25

Corruptocrats tack on wacky tribal gambling expansion in the government funding bill. The bill gives the interior secretary sole authority to recognize new Indian tribes as legit and then allows them to create casino land.

In the movie Joe Versus the Volcano Tom hanks had a brain cloud and went to an island to save the natives who were the Waponi Wu. Now the Democrats have a brain cloud and want to give the interior secretary sole authority to determine who and how many constitute an Indian tribe. So why not the Waponi Wu?

That sounds wacky enough but then the ‘Indian tribe’ can give land to the government to hold in trust. That keeps them from having to pay any taxes on it forever and also keeps them protected from any lawsuits. Cool huh? But why would they want to do that? Casinos! Which means big money.

Indian tribes are allowed to use ‘their’ land for anything they want including casinos. With the new $680 million in reparations payments being paid to Indians from the Pigford settlement Indians can buy plenty of land for this casino expansion plan. Isn’t America wonderful?

Too crazy to pass? It has already passed the House 212 to 206 as Byron York tells us when the brain cloud Democrats slipped it into the bill to keep the government running. With these type of shenanigans more and more of us are saying maybe we shouldn’t keep the government running.

Byron York’s piece in the Washington Examiner points out Obama’s support:

“The Obama administration is aggressively pushing this,” says a Senate GOP aide who is working to try to strip out the measure in the Senate. “There have been lots of pushes to recognize new tribes, basically for gambling purposes. Any group that claims it meets the criteria can apply to Interior to be recognized as a tribe. And this allows newly recognized tribes to take land into trust so that they can operate casinos.”

With these late night bills becoming a garden of earthly delights for corrupt political payoffs or as Michele Bachmann calls it a Christmas tree with ‘huge fat gifts for the left’, how can we ever hope to get our fiscal house in order and save the country from total financial collapse?

We must turn off the TV and get engaged and quickly. These corrupt actions need to be the topic of discussion with friends, family and neighbors. Call, write, email and fax your law makers. Be heard!

~ Michael Whipple, Editor

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