Throw the WikiBook at Them – Charles Krauthammer

December 3, 2010 09:16

It is delusional to think that this is merely embarrassing gossip and indiscretion. The leaks have done major damage.

Charles Krauthammer at NRO


First, quite specific damage to our war-fighting capacity.

Second, we’ve suffered a major blow to our ability to collect information. Talking candidly to a U.S. diplomat can now earn you headlines around the world, reprisals at home, or worse.

Third, this makes us look bad, very bad.

What is notable, indeed shocking, is the administration’s torpid and passive response to the leaks. What’s appalling is the helplessness of a superpower that not only cannot protect its own secrets but shows the world that if you violate those secrets — massively, wantonly, and maliciously — there are no consequences.


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