Union Member Advocates for End of Capitalism, Private Property Rights

December 4, 2010 14:32

Calling for civil unrest and the end to private property rights, Sharon Black of the Baltimore All-Peoples Congress, tried desperately to rouse communists and socialists everywhere at the Workers World Party’s annual conference on November 13th and 14th in New York City.

By Warner Todd Huston at Canada Free Press


“Socialist ideology which reflects the highest level of working class of solidarity” Black said, “which points in the direction of eliminating all exploitation and emancipating humankind has been in retreat since the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

Just who is the Sharon Black person? A union member, naturally. She is (or at least was, I can’t find much current info on her) a shop steward for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), Local #27. She is also a founding member of the All People’s Congress of Baltimore, a left-wing “community group” affiliated with the socialist Workers World Party.

Remember this woman whenever you think abut unions. These anti-American types infest unions from top to bottom.


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