Why Obama Surrendered the Missile Shield

December 21, 2010 05:13

Eager to appease Russia, the Obama Administration naïvely surrendered missile defense plans on September 17, 2009.

By Zbigniew Mazurak at American Thinker


Documents from the State Department published by WikiLeaks show that the Obama administration surrendered the missile shield previously planned by the Bush administration to Europe because of Russian demands, not because of any supposed intel reports.

The Kremlin’s message was this: you must capitulate on missile defense (and strategic arms), or else we won’t even discuss (let alone cooperate on) other issues.

The documents say that before Obama made his decision, Iran acquired BM25 (Rodong) IRBMs from North Korea.  These can reach Western Europe and Moscow.  Other publicly available intel reports say that Iran aims by 2015 to acquire ICBMs meant to reach the U.S.   Iran also has R-27 Zyb SLBMs bought from North Korea (with a range of 3,000 kilometers; Rodong missiles were derived from them) and is reportedly now developing Shahab-4 IRBMs and Koussar missiles that could fly as far as 5,000 kilometers.  And Iran possesses missiles that can deliver satellites into the Earth’s orbit — missiles that can reach Europe just as easily. Iran’s Fajr-3 and Sajjil missiles can fly as far as 2,500 kilometers.  So the Iranian long-range-missile threat is growing, not declining.


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