WikiLeaks Exposes White House’s Conscious Support of Islamists

December 2, 2010 05:29

How will President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton explain their purposeful strengthening of ties with other Islamists who fund terrorism and undermine U.S. policy in the Middle East and Southeast Asia?

By Seth Mandel at American Thinker


Thanks to WikiLeaks, we now know that American diplomats were well aware of the direction Erdo?an intended to take his country. GlobalPost quotes one leaked cable offering a pretty clear assessment: “Does all this mean that the country is becoming more focused on the Islamist world and its Muslim tradition in its foreign policy? Absolutely.”

“Shrugging off diplomatic-speak, American diplomats describe Turkish Prime Minister Teyyip Erdogan as an outspoken Islamist and ‘perfectionist workaholic’ who may be seeking the creation of an Islamic state,” GlobalPost’s Iason Athanasiadis reports.

And what of Turkey’s claims that part of its value to the West lies in its ability to act as a productive intermediary between the U.S. and Iran? Nonsense, as American diplomats found out. Athanasiadis once more:

Reports allege that, contrary to their claims, Turkish politicians cannot [e]ffect changes in Iranian attitudes and that their country is being used as a transit zone to smuggle dual-use materials into Iran for its controversial nuclear program.


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