Cruising for Trouble

January 18, 2011 10:26

Obama’s anti-British obsessions combined with Britain’s culpable and myopic dismantling of its own defenses create a highly dangerous situation.

By at American Spectator


If the British leadership is looking for a reason to get out of Afghanistan (and the far-left Liberal Democrat part of the governing coalition would certainly love to do just that), Obama has just given them — with no conceivable benefit to U.S. interests — an excellent reason that would resonate with the British public. The fact that a unilateral British withdrawal would have a disastrous effect on a vitally important alliance, and poison U.S.-British relations, as well as leaving the U.S. to do all the heavy lifting in a difficult war, evidently does not bother him.

One of the points this raises is that the South American countries are watching with keen interest. On the same day Obama’s insult was announced, and the week the last Harriers made their last flight, it emerged the Brazilian Government had refused the Royal Navy’s Falkland Islands protection ship, HMS Clyde, permission to call at Rio.

Argentina does not have particularly good armed forces, but they are there, and in any renewed fighting would have huge advantages in numbers. Britain has no carriers and no Vulcans. How long can four aircraft, that is assuming that they are all air-worthy, put up an air-defense?


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