Democrats who lost power in PA throw a fit a rules committee meeting

January 27, 2011 07:05

Democrats lost big in 2010 on the state level, so now they are resorting to theatrics, temper tantrums, shouting and throwing things to obstruct Republicans during a PA State House Rules Committee. If they have legitimate concerns about the rules reforms sponsored by Republican members, they should argue the issue on the floor, not stage a phony protest and media event. One of the libs even tried to invoke the “Tea Party”, saying they would side with the Dems against the “monarchical” Republicans. This is ridiculous; the Tea Party does not support this type of unruly behavior from our elected Representatives! It’s one thing for supporters to rally outside the House and exercise their freedom to assemble, but for the elected officials to try and disrupt the orderly process of governing this way is an embarrassment.

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