Dictatorship by Executive Order Could Be Headed Our Way; We Must Stop It

January 20, 2011 08:48

Obama is wickedly distractful and able to make horrible decisions like ObamaCare, START treaty and egregiously misdirected spending and piling our national debt into the massive trillions of dollars and yet to keep fooling the voters into thinking these things are of no problem to the people.

By Jerry McConnell at Canada Free Press


USJF Executive Director Gary G. Kreep, Esq., explains “Yes, Executive Orders are unconstitutional, as they are simply interoffice memos from the “boss” of the Executive Branch to his employees. And, in precisely the same vein, “Secretarial Orders,” the new “under the radar slider” used by Mr. Obama’s department heads, are equally unconstitutional. Executive Orders and Secretarial Orders bypass the U.S. Congress, which Barack Obama no longer controls.

“Mr. Obama is determined to circumvent the United States Congress on issues that he cannot pursue through legislation—-and, since all of his social progressive mandates are pretty much unconstitutional, he fully intends to operate as a Dictator, while he pretends to be a moderate, Constitutional, Democrat.”

This man is such an arrogant, narcissistic self-adoring tyrant I do believe that he already thinks he is a divine ruler of the people; and the really and truly sad part of it is that, in spite of what he has shown and what we know about his faults and power-hungry plans, almost half of the country’s voters STILL believe he is doing a good job of running the country.


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