Head of New York City teachers’ union received more than $600,000 for 2010

January 12, 2011 07:03

The union also spent $1 million at the NY Hilton, $24,000 at the New Orleans Hilton and $11,000 for balloons.



The amount represents about eight to nine months’ worth of her former UFT salary of $272,000, said David Hickey, the UFT’s chief financial officer. Ms. Weingarten worked at the UFT for 23 years.

Ms. Weingarten’s payment “adds up to five times the annual salary of the average teacher, and it’s all money that comes from forced union dues from teachers,” said Sarah Longwell of the Center for Union Facts, a group critical of unions.

The union, which represents nearly 80,000 teachers, recorded dues and agency fees of $125.6 million, up from $119 million two years before.

The document also shows how much the UFT spent on some of its events. For instance, the union spent more than $1 million at the New York Hilton last year on three events, including its 50th anniversary gala.

One of Mr. Mulgrew’s first meetings as the new president of the UFT last year was held at the Brazilian steakhouse Churrascaria Tribeca and included 150 people. The bill was $6,400.


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