How was your day today?

January 28, 2011 07:26

Look carefully at this photo before you go any further and consider how this young Soldier or Marine’s day went. He probably has not had a shower in at least a week. He has been eating his meal out of a plastic freezed dried bag at the most once a day.

By Christopher S. Watson at Canada Free Press


He was not stuck in traffic for an entire 30 minutes. No, he has had a little different morning than you and me. While you were on your morning commute, spilling your coffee and stuck in traffic, he had not even been to sleep yet from the previous day’s fighting. As you crawl into your cozy warm bed tonight try and remember that He most likely has not slept in the last three days. As you play Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Black Ops on your X-box with your kids or watch the History Channel in the comfort of your living room, try and remember he is living the things you are doing for entertainment. There are no off buttons when it gets boring, no re-spawns, no save points, and Game over really is Game over. He has not seen his wife or kids in for the last nine months, not even a hug or a kiss, much less read them a bed time story.


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