Last Gasp of Affirmative Action?

January 17, 2011 06:31

On a day honoring the dream of a color blind society take a look at a program that keeps us focused on color and perpetuates racism.

By Eileen F. Toplansky at American Thinker


According to the AFT on Campus magazine summary, “young Hispanics and African-Americans have made no appreciable progress in postsecondary attainment as compared with their older peers.  Further, “attainment rates have dipped for the youngest group (ages 25-34).”

Whether it is called “positive discrimination” in Britain and in India or “standardization” in Sri Lanka or “sons of the soil” in Malaysia, Indonesia and some states in India, group preferences and quotas to achieve equity are not unique to America.  Though societies committed to the equality of individuals have claimed that these programs would be temporary, i.e., in India it was to last from 1949-1959, it is a self-perpetuating situation.  Such preferential policies have long exceeded their initial claims in all countries.

As a consequence of preferential treatment, “the development of job skills…may be de-emphasized.  As a leader in a campaign for preferential policies in India’s state of Hyderabad puts it: ‘Are we not entitled to jobs just because we are not as qualified?'” Here in the States, “a study of black colleges found that even those of their students who were planning to continue on to postgraduate study showed little concern about needing to be prepared ‘because they believe that certain rules would simply be set aside for them.'”  So was this woman’s success or that Hispanic’s success tainted by a double standard?  The inevitable question adversely affects the mutual confidence that is so critical to such professions as medicine, fire-fighting, and policing.  It creates an atmosphere of mistrust.


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