Marketing ‘Climate Change’

January 4, 2011 05:33

A good indicator that a movement ostensibly based on so-called scientific facts has run out of steam is when that crusade must openly resort to crass marketing techniques to sell a flawed product.

By Steve McCann at American Thinker


As with so many iconic beliefs of the Left, it is not the message that is flawed but the messaging.

Der Speigel, the paragon of leftist thinking in Germany, just published a lengthy article entitled: “Green Groups try to Sex Up Climate Change” chronicling the movement’s efforts to re-capture the public’s attention that has severely waned over the past two years.

Surveys have shown that in the Netherlands, once the hotbed of global warming hysteria, only one in three Dutch people are concerned about climate change. The number is half that in the United States.

So now the environmental activists, not willing to give up on an enormous source of money from government grants and extortion, have come up with a myriad of approaches to try and make the climate change argument attractive. Some ideas are:

1) Greater emphasis on emotional messaging using animals such as polar bears , whales and people suffering the results of weather catastrophes.

2) Another old but successful tactic: sex sells.

3) Climate activists have begun funneling millions of dollars into training programs for so-called environmental journalists to encourage even more advocacy journalism. Apparently all the rest of us were foolish to believe there was nearly nothing but advocacy journalism in the mainstream media throughout the world.

4) Climate change discussion must become less abstract and come down to level of the average person.

5) Stop being so vocal and causing a commotion about climate change, instead emphasize restraint and the ability to quietly and respectfully listen to opposing views.

6) The movement needs a new “Messiah.” Al Gore has become yesterday’s newspaper in the bottom of the bird cage so someone has to be found that can arouse the masses.

7) Lastly, Climate researchers have started setting up new organizations that will communicate climate data better. Co-ordination of messaging will be the order of the day. The accuracy of the messaging was not discussed.

So there you have it, soon we who are agnostics when it comes to the religion of global warming (now re-named “climate change”) will be subjected to the best marketing strategy the human mind can devise. As Europe shivers in the coldest winter in over 125 years and we see the wealth of the country squandered in foolish regulations and laws ostensibly geared to save the earth, we can be comforted in knowing the best and brightest are on the job to save the planet from itself.


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