School Hailed by Obama Succeeded by Firing Teachers, Bucking Union

January 28, 2011 05:31

Praising a school that fired almost the entire faculty without input from the local union probably doesn’t sit well with national teachers unions, who gave the Democrats nearly $5 million total in 2008.

By MICHAEL WARREN at The Weekly Standard


He highlighted one school in particular—Bruce Randolph School in Denver. “Three years ago, it was rated one of the worst schools in Colorado; located on turf between two rival gangs,” Obama said. “But last May, 97 percent of the seniors received their diploma. Most will be the first in their family to go to college.”

What Obama failed to mention is how Bruce Randolph turned its situation around: firing teachers at will after being granted an exemption from union rules.

Here’s what the ABC affiliate in Denver reports:

Bruce Randolph was a middle school when it opened in 2002. In 2007, Denver Public Schools gave Bruce Randolph School permission to operate autonomously. It was the first school in the state to be granted autonomy from district and union rules.

Each teacher then had to reapply for his or her job. A published report said only six teachers remained.


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