The 40-Percent President: Obama’s Cruise to Reelection

January 26, 2011 05:03

We’re at the halfway mark of Barack Obama’s first term as president. I say “first term” because I’m confident that this isn’t his last. Conservatives will not want to hear this, but I’ve felt all along that Obama will be a two-term president, and nothing I’ve seen dispels that notion.

By Paul Kengor at American Thinker


President Barack Obama does not dip below 40-percent approval. Period.

No matter what Obama does, nothing undermines his presidency — or at least nothing drops it below 40-percent approval.

It will be difficult to defeat a presidential incumbent who can’t seem to ever slip below 40 percent and, in essence, merely needs to muster another 10 percent at election time.  Picking up that 10 percent shouldn’t be terribly difficult with a public that prefers to know about who’s prancing around half-naked on “Dancing with the Stars” or who’s stripping on “Desperate Housewives” over bothering with trifling concepts like wealth redistribution, nationalization, progressivism, or negative liberties.  One hilarious video clip shows Obama’s own supporters literally not knowing the difference between a Kenyan and Keynesian (click here).

In short, Obama can do practically anything, including worsen an already awful economy, generate unimaginable debts, and retain a lock on a significant portion of the electorate. Beyond that portion, it’s simply a matter of Obama again duping enough of the oblivious — who pay attention to presidential politics only about four weeks every four years — and enough of our nation’s exalted “moderates” and “independents.”

Finally, that brings me to my second set of data: Obama is again surging in the polls, just when it looked like he might dip below 40 percent.  (I recall one poll had him momentarily at 39 percent.)  As I write, Obama’s RealClearPolitics cumulative job approval is 51%.  Yes, 51 percent.


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