The Media Has Declared… WAR!

January 13, 2011 05:50

Last Saturday, journalism died. The media openly declared war on free speech and the 1st Amendment it was sworn to protect. But the media doesn’t much care for the foundations of the U.S. Constitution.  Know this: that battle over free speech has moved to the front lines. The war is just beginning.

By John Fricke at American Thinker


Why would anyone do something like this? Because conservative white men are dangerous deranged, people waiting to kill us!” Even worse, it was likely believed with head-nodding agreement across the short-walled cubicles.

And, as it turned out, even worse, multiple “journalists” decided to run with it. The “why” hit the major news websites with a certainty of correctness that just needed one small ounce of backup. That came shortly when the sheriff of Pima County, Arizona opened his mouth and spewed a prejudicial opinion that had no basis in fact. But to the “journalists,” it was fact, since it could be directly attributed to a law enforcement source in charge at the scene of the crime. The “why” had been proven and the gates opened. That was the next “fix” moment the junkies needed, a mainline shot that ignited what they wanted. It was a story bigger than the breaking news — that a political philosophy and a group (white men) they stand opposed to was responsible for inciting a murderous rampage. And the wheels of the fallout of this began spinning so fast that the media lost all its controls, or what few it seems to have anymore.


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