Thomas Sowell speaks to TheDC about the financial crisis, health care, and his ideological transformation from Marxism to conservatism

January 24, 2011 08:17

A lot of the indoctrination that takes place in educational institutions begin to erode when people get into the real world and start thinking for themselves.

Thomas Sowell interview at The Daily Caller


What are the primary misconceptions about profits and why are profits important? Why are they so demonized in our current culture?

TS: It is true, and I think part of it is sheer repetition and I think sheer repetition carries a big weight, as Joseph Goebbels understood back in the Nazi era. Over and beyond that, there are certain misconceptions. One misconception is that profits are fundamentally different from other kinds of income. I’m always fascinated by people who say, you know, “this came from a non-profit organization,” as if it is an organization that is unbiased. No, just because one person’s income is called profits and other’s is called something else does not change anything fundamental.


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