Business Exodus from California Accelerates

February 11, 2011 08:29

Decades of demonizing “greedy” profit-making enterprises has paid off for California in a lower standard of living, crowded prisons, decaying schools, potholed streets, and an approaching welfare majority.

By Roger Hedgecock at Human


In 2010, 204 California companies expanded outside California or moved out completely.  In 2009, the number was 51.  The gold is fleeing the Golden State.

The state’s environmental laws have crippled a can-do culture with can-never-do paralysis.

Businesses have been leaving California for some years now, driven to greener pastures by a growing anti-business atmosphere that has fostered a toxic mix of high (and complicated) taxes, labyrinthine regulations, and crazy jury verdicts.

Many smaller companies, with little fanfare or notice, have joined the exodus.

And it isn’t just businesses.  How many uber-liberal Hollywood stars’ legal residences are in (no-income-tax) Nevada, Tennessee, or Florida?  How many “Hollywood” productions are now filmed out of California?  The great Titanic set was built by uber-liberal James Cameron in Rosarito, Mexico, because the environmental permits to build it on the coast of California would never have been issued.


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