Gaddafi, Wisconsin Unions Suffering from Martyr Complex

February 28, 2011 07:33

In a nutshell, union leaders are afraid of union members.  If Governor Walker is successful, Wisconsin teachers will have the power to choose whether to keep and pay for their union every year.

By Ashton Ellis at CFIF


Some people have a death wish.  Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi is pledging to “die a martyr” defending his autocratic, blood-soaked rule.  The pro-union protestors in Wisconsin would rather risk layoffs than weaken their grip on the state’s fisc.

No longer will union bosses be able to compel members to submit to automatic paycheck deductions for dues.  Gone will be the assumption that the rank-and-file supports leadership – or the union’s existence – without bringing the issue up for an annual vote.

Right now, union leaders wield two clubs to keep members and taxpayers in line.  Collective bargaining allows bosses to negotiate one-size-fits-all contracts.  By design, there can be no exceptions for the gifted or the incompetent.  That clout allows union officials to threaten retaliatory action against lawmakers who dare to question their clutch on the public purse.  The result is a seemingly monolithic organization holding state taxpayers hostage.


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