February 1, 2011 11:41

Governor Susana Martinez announced today that she has signed an executive order rescinding sanctuary status for illegal immigrants who commit crimes in New Mexico while protecting victims and witnesses of criminal acts.

By Michael Whipple, Editor,

The order signed by Governor Martinez directs law enforcement officers to inquire about the immigration status of those who are arrested for committing crimes. “This order takes the handcuffs off of New Mexico’s law enforcement officers in their mission to keep our communities safe,” said Governor Martinez. “The criminal justice system should have the authority to determine the immigration status of all criminals, regardless of race or ethnicity, and report illegal immigrants who commit crimes to federal authorities. Meanwhile, it is important that we safeguard the ability of victims and witnesses to report crimes to law enforcement officers without fear of repercussion.”

The order prohibits officers from inquiring into the immigration status of ‘crime victims, witnesses, or others who call or approach law enforcement
seeking assistance or reporting a crime’.

Governor Martinez was one of two Hispanic Americans to win statewide elective office as a Republican in the November 2010 GOP landslide. She ran on a platform against illegal immigration and was a Tea party favorite in a state that has a majority of citizens of Hispanic descent. Martinez is the first woman to be governor of New Mexico.

It will be interesting to see if Obama and Attorney General Holder seek to sue New Mexico and Martinez over the executive order since they are suing Arizona over the infamous SB1070 bill which gives Arizona law enforcement similar authority.


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