Obama Assaults Democracy by Rejecting Popular Consent

February 22, 2011 06:51

Does the “Will of the People” matter when government is run by a cadre of demigods?

By Kelly O’Connell at Canada Free Press


In ignoring America’s convictions, the current administration forfeits legitimacy, because each act done against consent furthers bitter reaction to non-representational government. For example, 75% of Americans want Obamacare amended. Yet the liberals in power treat us as children. Such a posture is an inversion of historic European Natural Law doctrines of self-government. Does Obama believe himself so wise to want all rights of the people vested in him for safe-keeping? Hasn’t this idea been attempted already in the USSR?

The following essay examines Obama and the Consent of the Governed.

III. Obama, Natural Law & Communism

A. Obama’s Litany of Self-Referential Rule

There is a long list of unpopular Obama decisions, which most Americans could probably name with great accuracy. As the following poll numbers show, Americans simply do not like Obama’s policies. Consider:

ObamaCare—75% of Americans want it changed. Half oppose Obama’s new budget spending; 67% favor states enforcing immigration laws—with 48% favoring beefed up borders, opposing Obama’s position; Only 25% favor Obama’s Treasury Sec Timothy Geithner & DOJ chief Eric Holder; Just 31% believe Obama’s America is headed in the right direction; 55% think Obama did not cut enough spending in new $3.7 trillion dollar budget; 57% believe the bailouts were bad for the US; On Obama’s high-speed rail program, 46% reject; 27% want an electric car in the next decade; 68% believe Big Gov & Biz work against Americans; 80% think terrorism a bigger threat than war; 75% believe ObamaCare will cost more than promised; Only 33% believe ObamaCare must be funded if not repealed; Just 21% want Obama’s Internet regulations; 66% want Gov spending trimmed by 10%; Only 27% see USA as inherently racist; 29% believe Barack claim repeal of ObamaCare will increase deficit; Over half think taxes can be cut while budget balanced; 56% see Israel as an ally, Only 18% believe Obama myth greatness of America came from government; etc., etc. etc.

Unfortunately, Barack’s disastrous ideas almost universally are not good for the present, or future.

So, not only is Barack repeatedly making unpopular choices, but they are decried for being disastrous ideas defended by stupid, leftist rhetoric.

Whatever Obama’s model, or vision of the future, it does not appear to include a robust economy, military, or strong American international presence. Therefore, in his contempt for all things USA, he appears to be aping Marxist plans.

For, despite Barack’s poisonously smug demeanor in every setting, and claims of constitutional mastery, this creates a de facto lawless regime. For if Obama is continually defying the will of the people at every turn, he has created an anti-constitutional tyranny, and therefore must be stopped.


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