Obama’s Trumpeted Super Intelligence is Strictly a Myth

February 9, 2011 08:25

The government has done what has caused the problems of unemployment with its insane fiscal policies forcing gigantic layoffs and terminations of employment in the workforce raising unemployment numbers to historic levels.

By Jerry McConnel at Canada Free Press


And Obama saying “any failure lies with the private sector” is equally fallacious. For the past two years since his inauguration the unemployment numbers have been steadily rising from less than five percent to above ten percent and currently just a tad below that. If he can’t see that, he is more blind and uncomprehending than a third grade student competing in a Mensa exam.

Unemployment is so bad that over 1.5 million Americans have left the workforce since August, according to John Lott in the above referenced FoxNews.com article.

Lott goes on to say, “It is simply unprecedented that 19 months into the recovery, more and more Americans keep on quitting the labor force. But to President Obama, the failure for this anemic job growth is clear. He believes that government programs have created the ideal conditions for economic growth, and any failure to create jobs is the problem of businesses.”

Lott added: “This is the arrogance of socialist central planners: Obama believes he and his administration know better than individual companies how they can earn the most money.

In his speech to the U. S. Chamber of Commerce he stated that he would push for corporate profits to be shared by American workers. Again, his Socialist nature comes through loud and clear; take from the rich and give to the poor.


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