Ryan Calls for 20 Percent Off the Top for Domestic Agencies

February 3, 2011 16:42

Republicans controlling the House promised Thursday to slash domestic agency spending by almost 20 percent in their drive to bring it back to levels in place before President Barack Obama took office. – FOX News

AP via FOXNews.com


he cuts would bring huge changes to agencies used to generous budget boosts during Obama’s first two years in office. The White House has vowed to fight them, saying it could lead to widespread furloughs of federal employees and force vulnerable people off of subsidized housing, reduce services in national parks and slash aid to schools and local police and fire departments.

Republicans made a campaign promise to cut $100 billion from Obama’s request for domestic agencies like the Department of Education, for the budget year that began in October. But since the year is under way, they’re so far falling short, just $58 billion under current plans. They promise to try to fully impose the dramatic cuts during what is sure to be a contentious budget debate this year.


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