The War on the Constitution

February 9, 2011 08:31

If Obamacare stays, the U.S. Constitution must go.

Richard Ralston at Capitalism Magazine


Challenges in court to the constitutionality of Obamacare have exposed the broader agenda of those who are committed to the permanent expansion of government power which that legislation represents. The specific legal issues are almost irrelevant because Obamacare is so clearly outside the scope of limited, constitutional government.

Some try to sidestep the attack on the Constitution by substituting a war on English. They claim to support the Constitution but deny that words have any objective meaning.

Those who are less nihilistic attack the Constitution as evil or at least irrelevant. One way of doing this is to attack the intellect or character of those who wrote it.

Another method is to take statements in the Constitution out of the context of the rest of the document. The most frequent example of this is the use of a goal in the preamble: to promote the general welfare.

Some claim technological change means we should ignore the Constitution. Because it did not anticipate television, computers and airplanes, we should throw it out.

Some say that parts of the Constitution are immoral, invalidating all of it.


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