The Winter of Al Gore’s Discontent

February 7, 2011 09:35

Global warming, at least as it is advanced by Gore and company, isn’t a theory to be questioned, but a truth to be accepted.  Thus, condescension substitutes for debate.

by Daniel J. Flynn at Human Events


These are the times that try a man’s faith, particularly if that faith is in the Holy Church of Global Warming.

A July heat wave?  That’s global warming.  A frigid winter?  That’s global warming too.  Hurricanes?  Global warming.  Drought?  Global warming, global warming, global warming.

It’s worse than circular reasoning.  It’s true believer syndrome.

One can forecast eclipses with precision.  Less predictable, even for the weatherman, is tomorrow’s temperature.  What does one make of a mere politician who tells us he can forecast the next century’s temperature?


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