Union agenda is Obama’s agenda

February 22, 2011 17:41

Obama said he believes he can make SEIU’s agenda the agenda of the country. In this video he thanks SEIU for their support and tells them ‘your agenda has been my agenda.” He even says that before working on his policies he consulted with the union.

Obama isn’t just an opportunist with this union push, he is a tried and true union believer. Former SEIU president Andy Stern was the most frequent visitor to the White House while leading with socialist slogans. Now we find out that AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka visits the White House 2 or 3 times a day and speaks with the White House daily.

We also have linked the Democratic Party with Obama’s old campaign group now known as Organizing for America and shown how they are aiding and encouraging the anti-government protesters in Wisconsin. Now American Spectator reports that “Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, a one-time presidential candidate, is the founder of a group that by mid-day of President’s Day had raised over $100,000 in a slush fund to “back” the on-the-lam Wisconsin Democratic State Senators.

This video shows how Obama thinks he and SEIU are one:

Michelle Malkin reports that SEIU has set up a schedule for union protests across the country to fight necessary budget tightening.

The Democrats at the state and federal level have become like loan sharks and money launderers. Unions collect dues and fund the election of Democrats. The Democrats borrow the people’s money in the form of promised future benefits and high wages and and the cycle begins again.  The Democrats get power and money in the form of public office and benefits.

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