American Moslems and Rep. King

March 8, 2011 06:24

How many more Americans must be threatened and murdered by Moslems yelling Allahu Akbar before the political establishment acknowledges there is a profound threat to Americans coming from within the Moslem community that must be investigated?

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero at American Thinker


Just last week, in Germany, two more American servicemen were murdered, just as earlier thirteen people were murdered by Nidal Hassan at Fort Hood. This comes after an “angry” Moslem killed one and maimed five in Seattle, not to mention the foiled plots in Times Square, North Carolina, New Jersey, Texas, and the Christmas Day flight to Detroit.

The truth is America’s Moslem community is not a victim. Rather, it is we, the American people who are being shot, threatened and victimized. Despite all the attacks that have taken place in the name of Islam against the American people, there has been no measurable retaliation against Moslem schools, businesses or individuals. Indeed, in its latest report the ADL announced that American Jews have been attacked more than any other group, and a good portion of these attacks have come from members of the American Moslem community, as was the case at the Seattle Jewish Federation(10/6/06); at the El Al counter at LAX(7/4/2002); the throat slitting of a young Jewish man in Houston by a Saudi student(8/6/03); the bomb plot against Riverdale, N.Y. synagogues(May, 2009); and chants in Ft. Lauderdale by Moslem demonstrators screaming “Hitler didn’t finish the job”(12/30/2008).


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