Defund United Nations Failures Now

March 15, 2011 07:32

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida is especially keen to cut funding to the UN Human Rights Council, which uses taxpayer money to produce reports praising the human-rights achievements of countries such as …  Libya .  Earlier this year, Ros-Lehtinen declared her desire to “kill all U.S. funding for that beast,” which she described as “a rogue’s gallery of pariah states.”

At Human Events


An agency spent $517 million to promote industrial development in impoverished areas, but an official review “could not find any evidence” it had “a significant impact” on poverty, so the government will cut its funding.  Another agency blew $396 million to “promote socially and environmentally sustainable cities,” but no evidence could be found that it was working “coherently” to “tackle urban challenges.”  A billion dollars was poured down the rat hole of an agency that oversees labor standards.  A $28 million disaster relief program is a disaster that won’t receive another dime.

Are these triumphs of congressional Republicans, fighting to bring fiscal sanity to an out-of-control federal government?  No, these are the findings of the British government, as it moves to defund four agencies at the United Nations.


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