Fear of a Government Shutdown?

March 31, 2011 07:40

The people are now engaged. They are aware of the nation’s debt and spending crisis which will lead to national bankruptcy. The Tea Party movement is unlike any other in recent American history and confirms the anxiety of the vast majority of the people as to the future.

By Steve McCann at American Thinker

Leading Democrats are hoping for a government shutdown over the budget, convinced they will be able to blame Republicans and score political points.

Today the Democrats, Chuck Schumer and Howard Dean and their sycophants in the media among others, are out publicly cheerleading and plotting to force a government shutdown in the assumption that they will win in the court of public opinion as they perceive they did in 1995.  But did they succeed in destroying the Republicans in 1995 and what were the circumstances then versus now?

The federal budget deficit in 1995 was $172 billion; by the end of fiscal 2011 it will be nearly $1.65 Trillion.  (adjusting for inflation: the annual deficit is up by 543%)   The deficit as a percent of GDP in 1995 was 3.2% in 2011 it will be 11.3%.
The national debt at the end of 1995 was $4.9 Trillion; at the end of 2011 it will be $14.5 Trillion.  (adjusting for inflation: the national debt is up 106%, or more than double).  The national debt was 66% of GDP in 1995 and will be nearly 100% of GDP in 2011.
Overall government (federal, state and local) spending has also skyrocketed.  In 1995, $2.63 Trillion was spent; in 2011 it will be $6.3 Trillion.  (adjusted for inflation: overall spending is up 70%).  In 1995 this spending was 35% of the GDP; today it exceeds 46% of the GDP.


Mr. Boehner: Shut Her Down!

C. Edmund Wright
Take a look at what has happened outside Washington since 1995. It’s a brave new world out here Mr. Speaker. I invite you to take a peek at it.

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