Government Regulation is Killing Business

March 8, 2011 09:15

It is not only the new health care law that looms over us like a vulture ready to feast on what’s left of us. American businessmen are interfered with by OSHA, by Anti-trust, by the gross receipt tax, by the unemployed labor tax, by the demand for fees, permits, and licenses, and so forth ad infinitum.

By Sylvia Bokor at Capitalism Magazine


For instance, Marita Noon Executive Director of CARE, fighting tooth and nail for the right of New Mexicans to develop their natural resources, often writes about the disastrous consequences to our state of our business people moving to Texas because of the EIB.

The attacks on our oil men, our miners, our ranchers and farmers, our retailers and wholesalers, our mom and pop stores, our independents and our chains—business people of every kind—add up to thousands.

The multitudinous practices, guidelines and rules of regulatory agencies are little more than legalized extortion.

Such a waste of time and money decreases profits, which means decreased savings, which means reduced business expansion, which means a decreased number of raises that can be given and the number of jobs that can be created.


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