Intelligence sources suggest there are least a dozen Hezbollah cells across the US

March 8, 2011 08:50

As a fighting force inside America, Hezbollah’s sleepers have yet to be tested. But the first step in any security-related test should be to distinguish where those sleeper cells are so the average American, Muslim or non-Muslim, can keep an eye on them.

By Lee Kaplan, Analyst,  Communications Director,  Northeast Intelligence Network


In the US, intelligence sources suggest there are least a dozen Hezbollah cells across the United States, each including a hard core of several dozen suspected terrorists. These are known to operate primarily in Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Boston including a number with military training in Hezbollah camps – plus hundreds of supporters. Indictments have been handed out primarily in Detroit that hosts one of the largest Muslim populations. The concern of US intelligence officials  is that Hezbollah – among other groups – may have implanted U.S.-based sleeper cells not only to raise money (as has already been done through credit card fraud and cigarette tax fraud), but also to orchestrate domestic terrorist attacks if the US or Israel takes military action against Iran’s nuclear program.

Hezbollah’s infrastructure within the U.S. to date  has mostly given financial and logistical support for a focused and successful guerrilla war from Lebanon against Israel overseas and for a propaganda war in favor of the Palestinians here in the US.

The Basij originated during Iran’s eight-year-long war with Iraq, when youngsters were recruited into the Basij and given plastic keys made in Hong Kong that they were told were to be their keys to Paradise in the after- life as they were sent in human waves (frequently unarmed, sometimes even with only a Koran) against Iraqi gun emplacements.

Just as with the demonstrators in Iran being under the eye of the IRGC and the Basij, Hezbollah loyalists who are now operating from cells in the US are here not to flee Iran’s totalitarian system as much as to spy on and control the Iranian and Shia population here in the US. Their bases of operation for this are in the mosques.


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