Iran, Syria Benefit From U.N. Nuclear Assistance Program, Which the State Dep’t Insists on Funding in Full

March 24, 2011 07:22

[C]ountries currently designated as state-sponsors of terror – Iran, Syria, Sudan and Cuba – received more than $55 million in assistance from the International Atomic Energy Agency’s technical cooperation program. –

By Patrick Goodenough at


The United States is the biggest funder of a U.N. program that helps countries to develop civilian nuclear technologies. Despite “dual-use” proliferation concerns, the program’s beneficiaries include Iran and Syria.

Iran’s nuclear energy programs, suspected to be a front for a drive to acquire weapons capability, are at the heart of a decade-long, still-unresolved standoff with the international community. Despite this, Iran was appointed last December as head of the group of developing countries at the IAEA.

According to the GAO, over the decade ending 2007, the IAEA technical cooperation program provided $15.57 million to Iran; $14.47 to Syria, $13.7 million to Cuba and $11.9 million to Sudan – a total of $55.69 million.


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