James O’Keefe explains his NPR sting video

March 9, 2011 05:01

Hugh Hewitt interviews James O’Keefe about his latest under cover video which showed an NPR official calling the teaparty racists and smearing conservatives and the GOP as they were meeting with two men posing as a Muslim Brotherhood front group who had stated that they wanted to spread Sharia throughout the world.

Here is a link to the video which usACTIONnews.com posted before Breitbart, Daily Caller or Drudge.

NPR exposed in under cover video-edited version

Full unedited video at TheProjectVeritas.com

Senior Executives at NPR meet with Muslim Brotherhood Front Group to solicit $5mm and discuss their federal funding, Fanatical Christians, Zionists in the media, Tea Partiers, Republicans, Uneducated Americans and Juan Williams.

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