Monthly Federal Expenditures Topped $1 Trillion in February, Says U.S. Treasury

March 4, 2011 08:04

( – Monthly federal expenditures topped $1 trillion in February, says the U.S. Treasury Department. A majority of this money was disbursed to meet the government’s escalating debt obligations.

By Terence P. Jeffrey at


Although the budget documents that were released by the White House last month estimated that the federal government would bring in $2.174 trillion in revenue this fiscal year and spend $3.819 trillion—running an annual deficit of $1.645 trillion—these calculations cloaked the biggest factor in actual federal spending: maintaining the government’s massive and constantly churning debt load.

In February, in fact, according to the Treasury Department’s Daily Treasury Statement, the government needed to spend $585.08 billion from its cash accounts to just pay off the holders of Treasury securities that matured during the month and were redeemed.

A review of the Treasury Department’s Daily Treasury Statements for the past decade indicates that October 2008 was the first time the Treasury ever disbursed more than $1 trillion in a single month. In that month, total federal expenditures were $1.069960 trillion—sharply up from $748.106 billion in September of 2008.


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