Obama creates campaign youth corps with tax dollars

March 21, 2011 07:16

“You gathered here with powershift 09 as young people from the ages of 18-30 you are the engines of change, you are the engines of change. I’m here tonight for Barack Obama because he is an agent of change.” – Ken Salazar, Sec. of Interior in a speech where he announced his “youth corps”.

From the P/Oed Patriot

Earlier in the Obama Administration there was a great outcry from parents when it was discovered that the President was going to require children to serve 50 hours of Government Service a year. But because of the overwhelming anger expressed by the population, the idea was scraped.

Just when you thought the attempt to brainwash your children was over, the Obama Administration rears it’s ugly head.

According to a Video released today by the White House, the Obama Administration is going to create the 21st Century Conservation Youth Service Core through the Great Outdoors Initiative. In the Video the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, says:

(00:56)”Just about a month ago the President announced The America’s Great Outdoors Initiative. It is an effort to create the 21st Century Conservation Program for the United States of America. An absolute key component of that program is the engagement of young people in conservation across America. To that end we have included in the report the creation of a 21st Century Conservation Corps for America. We want young people to be involved with us..”(1:25)

Here is the Video:

Now what is the 21st Century Conservation Youth Service Corps?

Well according to Youthgo.gov:

“The 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) builds upon and leverages the experience and expertise of existing federal, state and non-profit programs, including the United States Youth Conservation Corps, Corps programs through partnerships with the Corps Network, as well as many other federal and non-federal conservation and youth organizations. These corps facilitate conservation service work on public lands and encourage a new generation of natural resource managers and environmental scientists.

Through the 21CSC America’s young people play a key role in:

•reducing the impacts of climate change on our natural resources,
•empowering Native American communities,
•building trails,
•enhancing wildlife habitat,
•improving and restoring our cultural and historic landmarks.”

Sound harmless enough doesn’t it?

But you may ask yourself, why include the fraudulant climate change information in the agenda to begin with?

Well according to a speech given by Ken Salazar in 2009 in front of 12,000 young people, that is the point. During his speech he says:

(00:18)You gathered here with powershift 09 as young people from the ages of 18-30 you are the engines of change, you are the engines of change.

I’m here tonight for Barack Obama because he is an agent of change.

But we can not accomplish the change we need to accomplish for our world, for our country, for our communities, for all of you, for all of our families unless we have the young people of our country and the world involved. Do you agree with me on that?

We need your help because we are living in some difficult and extraordinary times. There are some who would say in these difficult challenges that we face across America and across our globe that our best days have come and gone. But there are those who look at this moment of crisis as a moment of opportunity for all of us to change the world in a lasting way. And you are going to help us do that. With your help what we will do is create a much more peaceful world that understands our nation doesn’t end at our borders but we are one planet and one people. And with your help here what we will do is transform not only the United States of America but the 3rd world of our entire globe into understanding that we together will save our planet. And we will move forward and save our planet as we move forward with the new energy frontier. As we tackle the crisis and difficulties we face with climate change we are going to do that together”.(2:25)

At the end of his speech he even announces the creation of the 21st Century Conservation Youth Service Corps.

Here is the Video:

Ken Salazar speaks at Power Shift 09 Conference by JTMPVids

So it would seem that the Obama Adminsitration’s Idea of ‘Conservation’ is actually to Brainwash your kinds into believing in Global Warming so that they can become ‘Engines of Change’.

Now some of you may not be concerned because it appears that this is a Voluntary Youth Corps and if you don’t want your child involved in this Government Brainwashing you won’t have to.

Think Again.

According to the America’s Great Outdoors Youth Fact Sheet referenced to by Secretary Salazar in the first video, the 21st Century Conservation Youth Service Corps and the Obama Administration will be working with several other agencies including the Department of Education:

“Cultivate stewardship and appreciation of America’s natural, cultural, and historic resources through innovative awareness?raising partnership initiatives and through education.

? Work with Let’s Move Outside! to raise public awareness that experiencing America’s great outdoors is fun, easy, and healthy.

? Work with the Department of Education and other federal agencies to align and support programs that advance awareness and understanding of nature’s benefits for clean air and clean water..

? Support and expand existing federal programs that emphasize place?based, experiential learning, including: the National Park Service’s Parks as Classrooms and Junior Ranger programs; U.S.Forest Service’s Children’s Forests, and Bureau of Land Management’s Take it Outside and Hands on the Land programs.”

The Administration even intends to work with the First Lady’s Organization Let’s Move to spread the word about being an “Engine of Change”.

I thought Michelle was only worried about my kid being fat, but now it appears she thinks my kid needs some “reeducation” as well.

Even after all of this information, there may still be those of you out there asking What is wrong with a Youth Conservation Corps where kids can learn about nature and take part in protecting earth’s natural resources?

Nothing. As a matter of fact the Federal Government already has a Youth Conservation Corps program called the YCC. In the YCC kids learn:

“new skills while conducting work projects to help restore and protect the natural, cultural, and historic resources of your national parks such as removing exotic or invasive plants; constructing or repairing boardwalks, bridges, trails, campsites, fences; teach environmental education programs, and habitat preservation.”

The fact that the YCC already exists proves that the 21st Century Conservation Youth Service Corps is just a blatant attempt by the Obama Administration to influence children into the ‘global warming’way of thinking.

Because while you and I may fight tooth and nail against “Big Government” legislation disguised as ways to fight ‘Global Warming’. The progressives are patient and figure if you and I won’t “Change” our way of thinking to believe in Global Warming….

Your Children Will.

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