Obama not leading except to single payer according to Sen. Hatch

March 4, 2011 05:58

Saying “If he gets reelected within a couple of years he will throw his hands in the air and say it is not good. We have to go to a single payer system.” and “he just doesn’t know what to do”, Senator Orrin Hatch responds to Greta’s questions on the senator saying Obamacare was an “awful piece of crap and a dumb-ass program.”

On Wisconsin Hatch says “Hang in there, Scott, we all are watching. I think it is really almost unmentionable those Democrats won’t come back and vote and face the music. Most states don’t have collective bargaining. The federal government doesn’t have collective bargaining.

Most states — the reason they don’t is because they don’t want the people who elect you to be able to demand more and more and more in pensions and other benefits and so forth that go beyond what the private sector can afford to pay for.”

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