Rep. Allen West Sees the GOP Odyssey’s Glorious End

March 29, 2011 07:14

“Hope and optimism are important in making your way in the world, but hope without leadership is nothing, and leadership and strategy is absent in this current administration.”

by Martha Zoller at Human Events


“We stand at a critical and historic time for our constitutional republic, and it is a time when America is crying for principled leadership,” West said to kick off the event.

“After a successful victory in 1994, our party then set sail for home, to restore America, this constitutional republic which we call home.  However, we suffered misfortunes which resulted in our being ousted just 12 years later.  I believe that if we do a comparative analysis with Odysseus, we shall find many parallels,” West said.

He went on to compare Odysseus’ detour to the island of cannibals to the GOP detour to “compassionate conservatism” in 2000.  He believes it was this new phrase as a way of describing Republicans that led them away from their fiscal conservative principals.

West believes the monster is the national debt and the whirlpool is the ever-expanding deficit.  “We’ve added some $5 trillion in new debt since 2007, and the deficit is appalling, with projections well over a trillion dollars a year for as far as the eye can see.  “We are spending $4 to $5 billion per day, and this is simply why I do not support any Continuing Resolution which cuts $6 billion in three weeks of programs which are palatable to the folks who created this fiscal Armageddon,” West elaborated.

He said he will not raise the debt limit without key conditions:

1.  Cap federal government spending at 18% to 20%.

2.  Pass a balanced budget amendment.

3.  Cut the corporate/business tax rate in half.

4.  Ensure the defunding of ObamaCare.


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