The White Man’s Burden

March 9, 2011 05:41

If someone is gay or a woman or a person of color, the welcome mat is laid out. But what about an ordinary Joe, a working-class stiff from Toledo?

By Robin of Berkeley at American Thinker


I was just filling out an application to be a provider for an insurance panel. And one of the questions they ask is, “Are you a GLBT-owned business?”

I thought, “So, if I share my bed with a woman, I would be a superior therapist, a more desirable member of your insurance panel?”

I heard a while back that ObamaCare snuck a backdoor scheme into ObamaCare, for the government to make student loans, not the banks.  If this happens, you better believe that the money will be shelled out based on “social and economic justice.”

After decades of grievances, we haven’t turned into a fairer nation; we’re simply an angrier one.

The United States would cease to operate if conservative white males went on strike tomorrow (not necessarily a bad idea, by the way). We’d do just fine shorn of most of the metrosexual crowd — the college professors and the activists. But we’d crash and burn without the manly man. It’s he who does the essential work that others cannot, like patrol our streets, extinguish fires, and drive tractors.


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