Global Warming Alarmism’s Long March through State and Local Institutions

April 8, 2011 05:08

We must keep in mind however that true believers don’t give up simply because theirs is a minority opinion.  They just try in other ways.

By Peter Wilson at American Thinker


It’s tempting to be complacent about the progress made against global warming alarmism.  Climate legislation seems to be stalled in the U.S. Congress.  A recent Gallup poll shows that concern about global warming among the American public is at historic lows; a mere 32% of Americans believe that global warming will affect them during their lifetimes.

We have witnessed the Obama administration attempting an end run around Congress by siccing the EPA on “carbon polluters.”  Another means of pushing climate legislation that makes fewer headlines is the multitude of activities at state and local levels.  A flyer for a meeting titled “Green Future 2020” that I attended in Cambridge, Massachusetts last week makes this exact point:

As the federal government continues to falter in its efforts to impose any meaningful standards of carbon emission control, it now falls to the states to step into the breach and push for innovative advances in clean, renewable energy to safeguard our environment and revitalize our national economy.

The Pew Center on Global Climate Change likewise agrees that “states and regions are acting as both leaders and innovators of climate change policy.”
State climate legislation is not limited to the bluest states.  A 2009 report from the Pew Center on the States lists 36 states with State Climate Action Plans.  Thirty states have mandatory Renewable Portfolio Standards requiring a percentage (on average 20%) of electricity to be supplied by renewable sources.

Although global warming alarmism seems to be on the decline, it’s in the nature of bureaucratic endeavors to perpetuate themselves.  The thousands of regional, state, city, and NGO organizations created to combat global warming have a vested interest to stick fast, like limpets, to the public trough.


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