How Democrats keep getting elected

April 5, 2011 05:15

The Hollywood conservative, Andrew Klavan, nails public sector unions and their incestuous relationship with Democrats.

From Chuck Rogér

I have previously discussed an example of the work of Hollywood conservative Andrew Klavan. From that December 16, 2009 post:

Andrew Klavan calls leftism a “religion” that forms “an elaborate system for hiding shame behind a cheap mask of virtue.” Liberals “demonize any opposition,” because we, that clear-thinking opposition, are “not just disagreeing with them, we’re threatening to tear off the mask of their virtue and reveal them to themselves.”

???And reveal the thuggish economic totalitarianism practiced by zealous liberals and their political supporters is precisely what Klavan does in the video below. Although the smoke is gradually clearing from public sector unions’ attack on Wisconsin’s and other states’ taxpayers who no longer want to pay for exorbitant benefits packages, Klavan’s video still helps viewers understand what has occurred and is occurring still. In typical poignant form, Klavan dissects public sector unions’ scam tactics.


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