Mr. Obama’s Libyan Adventure

April 4, 2011 05:13

From the 1860’s, Democrats have been a party ideologically averse to war, and yet the party most likely to get into a war without really knowing what they’re doing.

By Dan Greenfield at Canada Free Press


It’s a lot easier to start a war than it is to finish it, as Mr. Obama is learning on his Libyan adventure. That is why wars are generally entered into after some consideration of the situation on the ground.

Obama rushed in when bombing Libya was popular, and now when it hasn’t he’s rushing out again. The US is ending combat operations almost as soon as it began them to avoid being associated with the failure of the Libyan intervention. Or rather to avoid associating Obama with its failure. Obama was happy to take credit for the fall of Mubarak until the Muslim Brotherhood stepped up to succeed him. He was happy to take credit for toppling Gaddafi until he realized that it wasn’t going to happen without a full bore invasion. The Arab Revolt was cool, but now it isn’t anymore. And Obama doesn’t want to be associated with it anymore.


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