Obama, a nobody from nowhere

April 21, 2011 06:55

When the nightmare called the Obama Era is over, which by the very nature of things,  it inevitably will be, Obama will be in some other land waiting for invitations to the mansions of aging movie stars that never come; smoking his brains out and recounting the days when he “almost” brought about world-wide revolution.

By Judi McLeod, Editor Canada Free Press


It’s only after more than two years of dismantling America that the “we love our country”  claims of both activists are falling on mostly deaf ears.

The worst part of being a despot or dictator is their own certain mortality.  Evil, no matter how potent, passes with evil dictators when they go.  And like the people whose lives they are so intensely trying to rearrange,  Barack and Michelle will some day be no more.

The suffering of the Obama world is at its worst right now coming from a made-in-Marxist force that works to bankrupt the United States of America and plunge the Free World into hopeless darkness on a mandate of change.


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