Obama’s tyrannical Labor Board sues states to overturn secret ballot laws

April 28, 2011 07:05

The National Labor Relations Board is seeking an unprecedented expansion of powers in a lawsuit to overturn voter-approved constitutional amendments in at least two states guaranteeing the secret ballot for union elections, South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley said. – CNSNews.com

By Fred Lucas at CNSNews.com


The NRLB contends it is perfectly within the agency’s jurisdiction to bring a “preemptive” lawsuit against the states.

The agency announced it would move forward with litigation against the states of South Dakota and Arizona to strike the laws from the states that voters approved last November to guarantee employees have the right to vote via secret ballot on whether to form unions at their workplace. The states of South Carolina and Utah passed similar amendments to their constitutions.

The effort at the state level was in response to the proposed Employee Free Choice Act, a bill backed by congressional Democrats and President Barack Obama that never passed. This bill would have allowed secret-ballot elections in union organizing to be replaced with a system in which union organizers ask workers to sign a card, and once a majority signs, the union is recognized.

Opponents of the act say it opens the door for union organizers to pressure and intimidate employees.


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