Pro union judge holds tiny lead in Wisconsin race

April 6, 2011 15:35

With a statewide vote total of nearly 1.5 million in that race, the margin separating the two candidates amounted to just a few hundredths of 1% – easily within the state’s trigger for a recount at no cost. – Journal Sentinel

With 100% of vote counted, Kloppenburg clings to narrow lead; recount expected



Even with the precinct reported, the tally is not final. The Associated Press said that it was rechecking all of the totals in all 72 counties to make sure it has an accurate count in each county. The wire service said it anticipated getting the final numbers later Wednesday.

Legal challenges to the new law – which would eliminate most collective bargaining for most public employees – are expected to reach the high court, but it’s not clear if the justices would take up the case before this race’s winner is scheduled to be sworn in Aug. 1.


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