Syrian army ‘attacks protest hub’ – will Obama start another war?

April 25, 2011 05:34

Syrian security forces backed by tanks advance into the restive city of Deraa killing five, activists say, with shooting also reported in Damascus.

BBC News article and video


One activist was quoted as saying that security forces were “firing in all directions”, and at least five people were reportedly killed.

Witnesses also said security forces had opened fire in a suburb of Damascus.

A prominent human rights campaigner said President Bashar al-Ashad had launched a “savage war” on protesters.

There have been numerous reports of crackdowns and arrests around Syria over recent days, despite the lifting of an emergency law last week.

On Sunday, at least 13 people were reported to have been killed in the north-western city of Jabla, while dozens of protesters died on Friday.

Deraa is the city in which protesters began calling for political reforms last month. Many are now demanding that President Assad step down.


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