Team Obama thinks you are stupid

April 25, 2011 05:30

What is going on is that the government is trying to deflect blame to these nameless, faceless speculators for their own disastrous fiscal and monetary policies. In other words, they think you are stupid.

By Joseph Svetlic at American Thinker


It is with great interest that I read this past week about the President’s initial response to rising gas prices.  What or who was to blame?  According to the President…speculators.  Nameless, faceless speculators.  They are to blame for the rising price of crude oil up and the accompanying price at the pump!

I’m going to disregard for this note the fact that higher gas prices are not objectionable at all to our President, despite the fact that they are connected to every product we buy.  He doesn’t have a problem with high gas prices, only wishing that they become high on a gradual basis.  I’m also going to ignore the moratorium on drilling in the Gulf and general opposition to domestic exploration and production of petroleum by this Administration.

On the fiscal side, our President has run up a lot of debt in the past two years, despite running in 2008 on a “net spending cut.”  He’s up to nearly 4 trillion in debt over just a little more than two years.
How are we financing this?  Well, the Fed is stepping up to  buy 70% of treasuries.  They’re doing it with printed money, “quantitative easing.”  What’s the effect of this?  You’re dollar is worth less.

Why is it important to you?  Because inflation is a stealth tax on every dollar you have.
Whom does this hurt the most?  The poor and those on fixed incomes.  To any progressives reading this who really do want to help the poor reach the middle class and get off government assistance: is the way to help them through a stealth 20% tax on every dollar they have in their pocket, a unilateral tax that bypasses Congress?

So, they are hoping that you don’t pay attention to their fiscal and monetary policy.  They want you to blame nameless, faceless “speculators” for the rise in the price of gas, even though everything else has risen, thanks to their loose monetary policy and spendthrift fiscal policy.  They want you to ignore the rise in commodity prices and the drastic hike in gold and silver.  They think you’ll go after the nameless, faceless “speculators” because they think you are stupid.


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