The Obamas Silent in the Face of Race Atrocity

April 26, 2011 06:18

Obama was vociferously outspoken when his black buddy Louis Gates was properly and justifiably arrested by white officers in Boston two years ago.  However, when a white woman is brutally beaten to a pulp by two black women less than an hour from the White House, our POTUS has nothing to say on the subject.

By Lauri B. Regan at American Thinker


For the average human being, it was not possible to watch the video of two black women beating the life out of a defenseless white woman at a McDonald’s in Baltimore and not feel complete and total revulsion.  Adding to the horror was the knowledge that the black employees — one who only half-heartedly attempted to intervene, one who was filming the barbarism, and perhaps others not seen on the video — did absolutely nothing to save the white woman from her assailants.

But more importantly, I then thought about the fact that we have a black president who so far has remained silent about the crime.

And the reason that this is so offensive is two-fold: (i) Barack Hussein Obama was supposed to be our post-racial president bridging the racial divide and healing the country’s wounds; and (ii) Michelle Obama has spent the better part of the past two and a half years as first lady dictating to America’s youth what they should and should not be eating rather than helping them learn how they should and should not be acting.

And while I could go on for pages on Barack Obama’s failures in office, what is relevant here is just how empty his rhetoric continues to be.  For not only has he been an absentee president on multiple levels, but he has been the missing link in what was a real opportunity to bridge the racial divide that has been ailing our country.


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