The Ryan Plan and Progressive Doublespeak

April 14, 2011 07:21

This undermining of liberty is part and parcel of the left’s agenda, precisely because their agenda is coercive. Liberty is nothing but an obstacle to the left.

By Andrew Foy, MD and Daniel H. Fernald at American Thinker

In his seminal work, 1984, George Orwell imagined a future dystopia in which an omnipotent Party ruled over what had been the Anglosphere. The recent debate over Congressman Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget proposal has revealed that one of the Party’s slogans, “Freedom is Slavery,” has taken firm root in the leftist political class and punditocracy.

In the wake of this historic proposal the left has abandoned any semblance of connection to reality, and has expectedly gone to ground in the wild and wacky world of progressive doublespeak.

Writing in the Democratic Strategist John E. Schwartz warns the left of the need to improve their doublespeak:

Unless President Obama and the Democrats learn how to counter the opposition’s call for freedom effectively, it will continue to delimit them and the country in advancing the nation’s agenda over the years to come.

Liberty according to progressives like Schwartz is the obligation to accept coercion in the interest of a greater good that has been determined in advance by the political class.  On this view, the government acts beneficently in order “to assure the full worth of [every individual’s] equal freedom.”  Thus, on this twisted model, coercion by government actually increases freedom.


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