Clueless on border security

May 5, 2011 08:08

[T]he only thing more alarming than the myriad security threats crossing over into the United States is our leadership’s apparent cluelessness as to how serious a problem we face and what to do about it. – American Spectator

By at The American Spectator


By way of example, the State Department recently put on a display of characteristic naïveté when it offered a new component to U.S.-Mexico counternarcotics cooperation efforts, known collectively as the Merida Initiative. Congressional Quarterly described the remarks by the State Department at a Woodrow Wilson Center forum this way:

The new facet of the [Merida] program seeks to create more “resilient communities” in northern Mexico and would consist of after-school projects, daycare services, and crime prevention workshops and other services, such as developing telephone hotlines for emergencies and tips…

At that same forum, a U.S. Agency for International Development official added:

“Community programming seeks to address the social and economic needs of communities in Mexico under threat by criminal organizations…. Together, these efforts address the impunity that feeds the spiral of criminality and violence, and helps the Mexican state address citizen needs to break this cycle.”

It is at minimum ironic that USAID would acknowledge the “impunity that feeds the spiral of criminality and violence” while offering “community programming” as a solution. The impunity with which drug cartels, human smugglers, and terrorist networks are now operating at the border cannot seriously be ascribed to a lack of daycare centers in Mexico — it is our own lack of resolve to treat this security threat as such that is enabling those elements to run rampant. And things only seem to be getting worse.

Consider some less-than-encouraging indicators:


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